Mindfulness-Based Digital Therapeutics


Thérapie digitale dédiée au bien-être de tous.
Une gamme de produits innovants basés sur les principes de biofeedback et de mindfulness.



Votre fleur digitale dédiée à votre détente et votre équilibre.
Un guide de respiration nomade, pour une relaxation instantanée.


Le biofeedback autrement.
Premier dispositif de stimulation multisensorielle dédié à la réduction de l’anxiété.

A new generation of digital therapeutics for the care of cognitive disorders and the regulation of anxiety.


We have a drug-free and screenless approach that promotes involvement and dignity of the people being cared of.

Ullo develops interactive digital therapy devices for the regulation of cognitive, behavioural and emotional disorders. Our digital therapies combine extended reality, sensory and cognitive stimulation.



Ullo invites you to stimulate your sensesthrough its devices. Your hearing, touch and sight are stimulated thanks to colours, vibrations or even nature and ambient sounds.
Stimulating your senses also means becoming aware of your physiological mechanisms and, subconsciously and positively acting on them. Multisensory stimulation is particularly appreciated and useful in the field of drug-free therapy.

Extended Reality

The principle of augmented reality is directly integrated into our digital therapy devices. As opposed to virtual reality and extended reality, don't disrupt the direct environment of the user. With these methods you can interact with your own internal rhythms or those of your surroundings.This makes your real and direct environment more poetic.

Physiological Data

Ullo's expertise lies not only in creating Multisensory stimulation and immersive stimulation devices, but also in making  your physiological data available to you.Your biological rhythms, invisible and largely forgotten, are a source of information about your internal state. Thus your physiological data are made available to you in a playful and poetic way to gently raise your mindfulness..


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